BÝRA is a beer with its own personality, daring and different. An artisan beer, 100% natural, which maintains its originality to differentiate from the mass-produced industrial beers, thanks to a careful selection of malted barley, yeast, and hops. A beer with natural and healthy ingredients, without additives, antioxidants, preservatives, or chemical stabilisers.

BÝRA is the beer you are looking for. A beer with body and intense flavours and aromas that go along with any moment. Enjoy a nice fresh BÝRA with your friends, on the beach, after work, a summer morning, an autumn afternoon, or a winter night. Enjoy a BÝRA wherever and however you want.


Do you want to know our factory, see how we brew, taste exclusive elaborations and live the authentic BÝRA EXPERIENCE?

TEL: (+34) 945 365 722