Craft Beer BYRA Branding, 100% Natural


BÝRA is produced in an artisanal manner, with 100% natural ingredients. No additives, no antioxidants, no preservatives, and no chemical stabilisers.

All of the process - from the storage, milling the malted barley, cooking the wort, the primary fermentation, to the bottling, the secondary fermentation in bottle, and the labelling - is carried out in our facilities. This way, we control and ensure all the factors that make BÝRA a unique beer.

Handcrafted Elaboration Process of BÝRA Craft Beer, 100% Natural


The malted barley is milled to make its essential attributes more accessible. (The barley goes through a process of malting in order to extract the enzymes and sugars).


Water is one of the main ingredients in beer production. The water passes through a double process of purification and conditioning.


The water is mixed at the necessary temperature for each production with the malted barley over a number of days. This allows for the freeing of the sugars stored in the grains and then they are converted into alcohol.


The wort is boiled for 60-90 minutes* (depending on the recipe) in order to obtain sterilization and refining of the liquid. In the boiling process, different types of hops are added, which provide the flavour, bitterness, and characteristic aroma to each variety.


Once boiled, the wort is transferred again to trigger settling of the solid elements.


The wort is cooled through a heat exchanger until it reaches a temperature between 20o and 22o so that it can then be transferred to the fermenters.


Yeast, which is responsible for transforming the sugar into alcohol, is added to the wort. This process lasts approximately one week with a few exhaustive controls to avoid going over the appropriate temperature. Afterwards, it goes to maturation, a process by which the temperatures are progressively reduced, in order to obtain the flavours that establish and produce the CO2 saturation.


We bottle and label each variety to be ready to commercialise and enjoy a BYRA. Afterwards, once already bottled, a secondary fermentation of the beer is carried out, by which precipitation can be presented.

BYRA Brewery. Where to brew your beer? BYRA Brewery. Where to brew your beer?


Nomad Brewers

BYRA Factory for brewing beer. Nomadic Processors

At BÝRA we have modern and complete facilities for brewing beer, with the most innovative technology, but without losing the artisan character that we defend so much.

We have 6 4,000-liter fermenters and 10 1,000-liter fermenters (mainly intended for specific elaborations or innovative projects that we are developing). We also have a 2,000-liter brewhouse or brewhouse; and a specific beer bottling line, with a production of 3,000 bottles / hour. All our installation is Isobaric. We make beer in a traditional way with the technological advances of the 21st century.

BYRA Factory for brewing beer. Nomadic Processors

Do you have a small home production and want to make the leap to produce more with your own brand?

Surely it has ever crossed your mind to get started in this world and you don't know how. Investment? Facilities? Recipes? Stocks? Bottle up? Label? .... too many complications. We put at your disposal complete and modern facilities to produce, elaborate, bottle and label your own beer.

More than a dozen brands trust us and make their beers in our brewery.


Do you want to make your beer with your own brand and you don't know where?

We put our house at your disposal! A brewery fully equipped to produce Craft Beer.

Are you a nomadic producer and looking for a brewery to make your beer?