Craft Beer BYRA Branding, 100% Natural


Origin of BÝRA. Four Elements of Craft Beer BÝRA


BÝRA emerges from the core of a family tradition in the heart of the Alava Plains. As beer lovers and seekers of unique aromas and flavours, BÝRA was created at the end of 2014 with three clear pillars.

- PREMIUM: We wanted a quality beer. Something different to what is in the market.

- MODERN: A young, fresh, and genuine beer which is present in every moment of your life.

- PURE: A 100% natural beer, without additives, chemical stabilisers, or antioxidants. Only beer.


Its name comes from the Greek “μπύρα” (beer), being this the phonetic representation in Latin alphabet. His name evokes his clear Mediterranean vocation. In addition to the name, the "Alphabet" Collection beer varieties are represented with letters of the Greek alphabet (Alpha, Gamma, Sigma and Omega).


The Brand BÝRA has a clear Mediterranean vocation, without forgetting its origins. These are represented in the isotype (logo) with an architectural element which is characteristic of Vitoria-Gasteiz. “A local beer with a global calling”.

This characteristic symbol is covered by 4 circles which represent the ingredients of the beer. These four elements (malt, yeast, hops, and water) blend with each other in the production process of the beer, and just as it can be observed in its central point, the union of these 4 elements is the attainment of the beer, the creation of BÝRA with its artisan formula, 100% natural. A beer with its own personality.