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Specially brewed GLUTEN FREE?. We bring a beer Gluten Free so that all people can live the BÝRA Experience.

A craft beer, 100% natural, premium, demanding, cheeky.

BÝRA ENGEL is a soft beer, ideal for refreshing yourself in hot days. Discover the BÝRA EXPERIENCE through a careful selection of barley malts and noble german hops that makes BÝRA ENGEL a fresh and light beer, gently hopped, slightly floral and with a delicate dry finish.

In this Pack you will find 12 beers of our variety beer ENGEL.

Serve it in a goblet and discover its bright colour and persistent white foam, with just 4,2 % alcohol. A HELLES style beer, specially brewed GLUTEN FREE in order to allow everyone to enjoy BÝRA EXPERIENCE. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, without chemical stabilizing procedures. May contain some sediment.

The different varieties of BÝRA make up a varied and wide amalgam of colors, sensations, aromas and nuances that make of each one of them beers with body, flavor and character, where the limit is your imagination. BÝRA is a natural and lively beer (by the action of the yeasts present inside the bottle); a bold beer, with features you will not find in industrial beers.

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ENVÍO 48 / 72 h