BÝRA EXPERIENCE [ Limited Edition ]


[Limited Edition] You haven't tried our Beer with Cocoa yet? This is the perfect pack to discover and live the authentic BÝRA EXPERIENCE, tasting our varieties, including our Limited Edition BÝRA SEASON 07 - Fruit IPA. An imposing craft beer brewed with peach puree and with a characteristic bitterness. An explosion of flavors, which will not leave you indifferent.

In this Pack find:

+ 2 Gamma [Variety: Golden Ale] - Blonde (British Style)
+ 2 Sigma [Variety: Strong Bitter] - Toast (British Style)
+ 1 Alpha [Variety: American Pale Ale] - Toast (American Style)
+ 2 Omega [Variety: American IPA] - IPA (American Style)
+ 1 Engel [Variety: Helles] * Gluten Free - Blonde (Germanic Style)
+ 2 Teufel [Variety: Märzen] - Toast (Germanic Style)
+ 2 BÝRA SEASON 07 [Variety: Fruit IPA] - IPA (Limited Edition)

➡️ BÝRA SEASON 07 | Fruit IPA is an impressive and refreshing beer perfect to enjoy the summer. It has a light citrus and tropical aroma where the fruity notes stand out, especially the peach and where the careful selection of hops used is appreciated. In the mouth you discover all its splendor, with that explosion of flavor that the peach puree gives it, subtly appearing lightly sweet touches, but with a marked dry finish in the mouth, with a certain citrus aftertaste that gives it a more refreshing touch. A beer with a medium-high bitterness thanks to its 50 IBUs that make it stand out in its style.

The different varieties of BÝRA make up a wide and varied amalgam of colors, sensations, aromas and nuances that make each of them beers with body, flavor and character, where the limit is your imagination. You can find beers of very different styles, with recipes from different parts of the world. What are you waiting for?

BÝRA is a craft beer, only with natural ingredients, without additives, antioxidants, preservatives or chemical stabilizers.


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